What is TEACH!?   

Team Education Advancing Collaboration in Healthcare! (TEACH!) Is Indiana University’s interprofessional education curriculum. It exists to bring future healthcare professionals from all disciplines together and facilitate collaborative practice. Our curriculum is strategically designed in partnership with all disciplines so that content is relevant to their current studies.

Where is my Pre-work and how do I get it?

The information for your Anchor session pre-work will be sent to your University email address two weeks before your Anchor session. Every Anchor has pre-work and it is all accessible through Canvas.  If you’re having trouble accessing the pre-work and within two weeks of your session, send an email to ipectr@iu.edu

I’m from a partnered school, how do I access IU’s Canvas system?

If you’re a learner from any university other than IU, you must register for a guest account. Follow THIS LINK and fill out the form, using your university email address. After you’ve completed all of the steps you will be able to access Canvas. By having an account ready, we can easily add you to the online content along with your local partners.

What is an Anchor?

Interprofessional Education takes many forms and entails unique learning experiences that students would not traditionally receive through their program’s curriculum. We’ve broken this information down into four individual sessions that last 1:45 to 2 hours. We call these sessions “Anchors.” 

How do you complete TEACH!?

Our program can be completed by doing 2 Anchors a year, for 2 years, or by completing all Anchors in 1 year. Each session lasts between 1:45 and 2hours

What do these Anchor sessions look like?

Every session starts out the same. Show up 20 minutes early to sign in at your locations’ sign-in desk. You will be given a name tag that has your assigned group printed on it.

Anchors 1 and 2 are interactive presentations while 3 and 4 take more of a clinical approach. The first two sessions are focused on teaching learners the basics of team building and communications. These skills are important to healthcare professionals because communication errors can lead to preventable patient deaths. 

Anchors 3 and 4 build upon what was learned and practiced during the first two Anchors and allow learners to apply it in simulated situations. Learners are presented with an assigned team, casework, and patient. Hired actors portray patients, and the team must work together to create a treatment plan. 

All Anchor sessions will provide the necessary materials. You only need to bring yourself and an internet-capable device. Each session is staffed with facilitators who will be overseeing your work and providing guidance to the group. At the end of each session, you will be emailed a link to a survey. The link is only good for 30 minutes and the survey counts as your classroom attendance. 

Do we have to complete the Anchor sessions in order?

In the workforce, you don’t get thrown right into clinical practice without being prepared first. Anchor participants need to learn the basics of team building before they are ready for clinical practice.

Who participates in TEACH!?

Undergrad and graduate students. Different departments and schools have worked to implement TEACH! into their curriculum at different points with the intent that TEACH! will always be relevant to the learners’ current studies.

How do we partner?

If you’re interested in partnering with the Interprofessional Practice and Education Center, send us an email at ipectr@iu.edu

Where are the TEACH! Anchor events held? 

Anchor sessions are located on campus, with rare exceptions. General location information will be available once you’ve accessed the Canvas site. One week prior to your assigned Anchor session, we will send your university email address the exact room and time of your session. Dates and general locations are available in the News and Events tab of our website ipe.iu.edu. 

What to wear?

We expect you to show up in a professional manner. If you wear clinical attire to work, wear clinical attire. If you don’t have clinical attire, we suggest business casual. 

Why are we doing this?

More than 250,000 people die each year from medical errors, the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S. Research has shown that effective teamwork reduces medical errors.

What else does IU IPE do?

The Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center is a lot more than TEACH! and a long department name. We create programming revolving around interprofessional practice and education for university Grand Rounds sessions and IU’s Precision Health and Addictions Grand Challenges. We also hold training sessions, work with the Comprehensive Pain Clinic, the Well Child and Oral Health Clinic, and with the Student Outreach Clinic.