IU IPE Returns to In-Person Events

On May 26th IU IPE returned to in-person events with fifty-four students and eight presenters for the Cadet Training Certificate Series. Students from Nursing, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and the IU Police Cadets descended upon the new IU Health Sciences Building to participate in workshops and listen to lectures.

This event was an opportunity for all in attendance to receive the Grand Challenge: Addictions Certificate in a single day. Typically, earning this certificate requires students to attend three different workshops during a single academic year.

Students participated in our Transfer of Care workshop, Naloxone training, and the Stigma of Addiction workshop before participating in the Children of Parents Living with Substance Abuse Disorder and Motivational Learning presentations. Event presenters included organizer Alex Buchanan, Jackie Daniels of the Indiana Center for Recovery, Melanie Vehslage of the Monroe County Department of Health, doctoral student Lauren Adams of Indiana University School of Education, and Paige Young, Emily De Costa, Kinsley Couturier, and Christie Clayton, all of the Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center.

Students have been asked to fill out response forms to confirm their participation in the Cadet Training Certificate Series. They are currently being reviewed, and certificates will be distributed. Students who needed to leave early will be contacted with instructions on how they can complete training and receive their certificates.