IU IPE’s Dr. Zach Weber Honored by Purdue University

Dr. Zach Weber

Dr. Zach Weber has been awarded the Class of 1922 Outstanding Innovation in Helping Students Learn Award from Purdue University for his submission “Implementation of a Required Interprofessional Education (IPE) Curriculum in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program on a non-Academic Medical Center Campus”

Dr. Webers’ submission was based on the implementation of a new required, sequential, and longitudinal IPE curriculum for Purdue College of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students. This curriculum was made possible through close collaboration with the IU IPE Center and the implementation of the TEACH! Curriculum as a critical part of the College’s IPE sequence. Overall, this new IPE curriculum provides a foundation for Purdue PharmD students to learn with, from, and about other healthcare learners on a scale that had never previously been done in the College, nor by other Purdue health science-based programs.

“I feel particularly proud to receive this award as it recognizes a culmination of years of hard work to bring innovative, interprofessional learning opportunities to every PharmD student in the College. It also highlights the success of the partnership between Purdue College of Pharmacy and the IU IPE Center, without which, this award would not have been possible. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to demonstrate what successful implementation of interprofessional education can look like.” – Dr. Zach Weber

This annual award is sponsored by the Class of 1922 alumni and is intended to honor either a faculty member, graduate student, or administrative professional staff member who has improved students’ educational experiences. Its focus is to promote innovative teaching practices that improve learning.