Learning and networking with IPE leaders across the nation

IU IPE faculty traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota in August to participate in the 2018 Nexus Summit, which brings together health professionals and educators who are committed to a health care model where interprofessional teams improve the health of individuals and communities. Krista Hoffman-Longtin, PhD; Andrea Pfiefle, EdD, PT, FNAP; Laura Romito, DDS, MS, MBA; Liam Howley, MD; and Brittany Daulton, PhD, presented, “Issue Selling: An Organizational Change Strategy for Sustainable Interprofessional Education Programs” to share strategies Indiana University used successfully to develop TEACH!, IU’s foundational interprofessional curriculum.

IU attendees contributed to conversations about needed education, practice, and policy changes to support team care delivery. The Summit was an excellent opportunity to join in relevant discussions, learn with alongside other professionals, and develop practical skills and models to help advance our own work in interprofessional education and practice. Dr. Daulton, IU IPE Evaluation and Scholarship Director shared, “The NEXUS Summit was an amazing experience, for me as new faculty in the Center. I met with other professionals in the field, as well as participated in broader conversations about health care and education. It is exciting to see the entire field come together, brainstorm, and celebrate one another.”

To learn more about the Nexus Summit, please visit www.summit.nexusipe.org.