Learning Opportunities

We know that collaboration across health care teams provides better patient care and better outcomes. However, working as interprofessional team members can be challenging for graduates beginning their careers. The interprofessional practice and education (IPE) learning opportunities offered by the Indiana University Center for Interprofessional Health Education and Practice are carefully crafted to provide students with experiences that will prepare them to work in collaborative practice environments.

Team Education Advancing Collaborative Practice (TEACH) is a framework for the development of interprofessional collaboration and practice competencies to equip students to work together in teams to improve individual and population health and health care outcomes. TEACH includes learning experiences or anchors specifically designed for students at different levels of their training. Many of these anchors are being piloted during the 2015-16 academic year, such as:

  • Interprofessional Teaching Grands Rounds using case studies as the basis of diving deeper into the world of interprofessional practice through consideration of sentinel events, the integration of new technologies, application of evidence based practices, recently released news events and reports.
  • Simulation Exercises wherein learners apply their knowledge and skills in a series of developmentally appropriate and sequenced learning experiences simulating real-world practice.
  • Case based learning experiences wherein learners work in teams to use the Teaching Electronic Medical Record (tEMR) to communicate across professions and to address challenges related to healthcare quality and patient safety.
  • Interprofessional Collaborative Shadowing and other practice opportunities where students apply newly acquired interprofessional competencies in clinics, hospitals, and communities where health and health care happens.

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