Well-Child and Oral Health Clinic

IU IPE partners with IU School of Dentistry and the IU/Methodist Family Medicine Center to provide comprehensive health and dental exams at the interprofessional Well-Child and Oral Health Clinic.

Family medicine residents, dental (DDS), and dental hygiene learners work in teams with children and their caregivers to improve dental care and overall health.

These clinics begin with a huddle between the family medicine preceptors, second and third-year residents, dental and dental hygiene preceptors, and dental and dental hygiene learners. All learners review patient records prior to the clinic visit and provide their discipline-specific insights on patients’ needs at the huddle. Huddles allow for learning about, from, and with each other by asking questions about medical conditions and terminology, mastering how to apply fluoride, and developing a plan on how to address and treat the patient as a team. The learners and staff provide screenings, education about preventive oral health care, and make referrals for important follow-up care.