TEACH! Launches New, Online, Curriculum to 1,500+ Students

Brittany Daultons TEACH! Team going over the the new Canvas page

On April 1st, the IU Interprofessional Practice and Education Center (IU IPE) began hosting over 1,500 students for their Anchor 3 and 4 curricular events. Three weeks ago, these events were to be face-to-face experiences where students would meet with simulated patients (actors playing the role of a person with health issues) and work as a team to help the patient through their issues.

This marks the first time so many students have had a chance to experience IU IPEs interprofessional learning curriculum online. Transiting from in-person events to a virtual experience took effort, resources, and time. IU IPE had to create all-new case studies for this online environment. Resources from the IU Health Sim Center were utilized to create new videos featuring simulated patients dealing with health issues during a time of social distancing and the Department of Instructional Systems Technology created a new Canvas page to deliver this immersive experience.

TEACH! Curriculum Director, Brittany Daulton, lead the efforts to ensure these future healthcare professionals were able to get this interprofessional experience.

“As a center, we are committed to delivering quality educational experiences to health professions students across the state of Indiana. Although COVID-19 has introduced new challenges in accomplishing this mission, our team gathered around our strengths and resources to deliver TEACH! experiences online, on time, and in a meaningful way.” – Brittany Daulton, PhD

This change was implemented as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 11th IU IPE held their last in-person meeting to brainstorm changes so learners would be able to complete the required TEACH! Curriculum while still practicing social distancing. Anchors 3 and 4 are open April 1st-April 10th. Responses will be reviewed by a group of nearly 150 facilitators between April 13th-22nd.