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Patient Before Profession

We are creating a better healthcare experience through collaboration


TEACH, our specialized curriculum extends from the classroom into practice. Its goal is to ensure better care for patients and populations by training future health and social care professionals to work collaboratively. Students from a wide array of health and social care professions learn about, from, and with one another to develop specific competencies that foster collaboration in practice.

Faculty Development

Interprofessional Practice and Education are essential concepts for effective health and social care. A core factor in the success of collaborative training is the role of educators and practitioners in facilitating students to develop and apply collaborative skills in practice.


As part of the greater Indiana University community, IU IPE provides programming for those interested in learning about or engaging in interprofessional practice or education. We host workshops, training sessions, and consultations focused on designing, delivering, and evaluating interprofessional collaboration and team-based care.


Why is IPE important?

What is Interprofessional Education?

Interprofessional education is the act of being trained to work with professions outside your area of study. For a nurse, interprofessional education could mean training to work with social workers and pharmacists. For a doctor, it could mean training to work with a physician assistant and dentists.

A patient often has complex needs that someone from one specific profession cannot meet. Taking individuals from different professions and training them to collaborate with the patient as a team has been shown to improve patients' lives and increase job satisfaction amongst healthcare providers.

IU IPEs’ goal is to ensure every IU student who experiences the TEACH curriculum is prepared for real-world situations where they will work with others from both health and social care professions to ensure individuals seeking care receive effective, person-centered care.

Who is involved with IU IPE?

IU IPE serves all IU campuses’ across the entire state of Indiana. We are also fortunate to have many external partners in our efforts. The interprofessional curriculum and activities of IU IPE also engage faculty and students from:


The Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center is building a community of people who learn and work together to address Indiana’s health priorities. We strive to improve Hoosiers’ lives through interprofessional education, collaboration, and teamwork.