Collaborative Topics

The Collaborative Topics Series provides interprofessional learning opportunities focused on leveraging collaboration to improve the lives of people and populations. Each experience in this series provides participants with opportunities to collaborate with individuals from different perspectives, including those of patients/clients, families, different professions, agencies, etc.

The Collaborative Topics Series address three core themes:

  1. Collaboration to support specific people and populations. E.g., individuals with genetic disorders, trauma-informed care for veterans, and families living with substance use disorder.

  2. Collaboration to address critical issues that impact the health and well-being of individuals and the community. E.g., health equity, social determinants of health, exploitation, and access to care.

  3. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to collaborate effectively. E.g., Relational practice, conflict management, and team performance.

Interprofessional practice and education exist hand-in-hand with collaborative environments. With that in mind, we have created a series of experiences celebrating collaboration.

This series has featured the voices of individuals living with genetic disorders who use art and storytelling to understand their lived experiences. In the series focused on substance use disorder, students across Indiana have been trained to use naloxone. Future schoolteachers, health professionals, social workers, and safety officer cadets have collaborated to recognize the signs of exploitation and learn how to respond individually and collectively.

The goal of the Collaborative Topics Series is to build a collaborative culture through active, intentional collaboration with and for patients, clients, and communities. These experiences address the needs of individuals and communities while promoting action toward essential and impactful social issues. 

Collaborative Topics Series partners have included the IU Center for Rural Engagement, IU School of Education, the Indiana Department of Health, and other institutions internal and external to Indiana University.

Past Events