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The Veteran Trauma and Transparency Program

The Veteran Trauma and Transparency Program

The Veteran Trauma and Transparency Program (VTT) aims to improve the care for veterans by enhancing future service providers' understanding of military culture and experiences. This program presents an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge of veteran trauma and contribute to better care and support for our honorable veterans.

IU IPE partners with the IU Center for Rural Engagement every academic year to present the VTT. It consists of four workshops, with each session building upon the knowledge gained in the previous ones. Students are encouraged to attend all four workshops to maximize their learning experience. Those who complete every workshop will receive a certificate of completion from IU IPE.

This experience is for students in their third/fourth year of undergraduate studies or at the graduate level. Please note that the training involves exposure to sensitive personal stories.

Speakers will present topics relevant to our veterans, including:

Human Rights Foundational Perspective, Veteran Demographics, Military Culture, Law of War Moral Injury, Survivor’s Guilt, Military Sexual Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Trauma-Informed Care, Veteran Treatment Court, and more.

Workshop dates and registration info is available on our “Collaborative Topics” main page.