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TEACH Phases

The Exposure phase is an online experience. This allows students and facilitators the opportunity to work with those they would otherwise never interact with from across the state.

The activities in this event provide an overview and introduction to the roles and responsibilities of different health professions, opportunities for interprofessional collaboration, and interprofessional communication strategies that can be used to promote effective teamwork. You will learn about, from, and with other professions, which is by definition, interprofessional education (WHO, 2010).

This activity sees students reviewing information individually as they prepare to meet synchronously with fellow health learners and faculty. This module is expected to last ~90-120 minutes, with the individual work and team huddle each lasting ~45-60 minutes.

The Immersion Phase will provide a menu of experience options for learners to practice skills in the IPE competency domains with learners of partner professions as selected by their programs. These options will be announced soon.

The Entry-to-Practice Phase uses a toolkit to assist programs and Schools in identifying the most relevant and real-world collaborative experiences. This phase capitalizes on the existing capstone, clinical rotations, or community-based experiences. It provides practicum opportunities for learners to apply and be assessed on learned collaborative skills in an interprofessional context.