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In 2023 IU IPE was able to achieve many of its goals by expanding the impact of interprofessional practice and collaborative care on local and global levels. 

IU IPE in 2023

Dr. Maxwell with other delegates from 10 regional interprofessional networks prior to the 3rd Interprofessional.Global Partnership Symposium in Doha, Qatar. Hosted by Qatar University!

In 2023, the Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center (IU IPE) made significant strides in expanding its influence and impact on both local and global stages. Our mission was clear: to widen our reach, diversify our educational programs, and shape the future landscape of interprofessional practice and education.

At the heart of IU IPE’s initiatives lies the innovative TEACH curriculum, a groundbreaking initiative seamlessly woven into learner's existing courses. This curriculum opens doors for students, allowing them to interact and learn alongside peers from diverse health and social care specialties. Through collaborations with esteemed institutions such as Butler, Ball State, Purdue, St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana State University, and Manchester College, approximately 5,150 participants were immersed in TEACH's rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives throughout 2023.

An image of students speaking with each other lays under the text: "These interprofessional sessions offer a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals and students to come together and exchange insights and knowledge. They enhance our understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities, fostering a culture of collaboration and improved communication."

The year also formally introduced the Collaborative Topics series, an inclusive platform designed for students, practitioners, faculty, staff, and community members. Over 600 participants took advantage of these sessions which delve deep into real-world scenarios encountered in professional settings and everyday life. Programs like “Social Determinants of Health” and the “Voices of Healing Experience” shed light on the profound impact that collaboration, or its absence, can have on patients' lives. Meanwhile, workshops such as the “Veteran Trauma and Transparency Program” and “Exploitation Awareness and Prevention” equipped participants with crucial skills to recognize and mitigate harmful situations affecting individuals or entire communities.

Beyond our statewide engagement, IU IPE took significant strides on the global stage. Our contributions extended across borders, including over 30 presentations to national and international audiences as well asnumerous published works. A remarkable highlight was the keynote address delivered by our esteemed director, Dr. Barbara Maxwell, at All Together

Dr. Barbara Maxwell stands infromt of a giant screen, presenting to an international audience of health care professionals and educators at All Together Better Health IX in Qatar

 Better Health XI in Qatar. During this impactful address, Dr. Maxwell presented the Winterthur-Doha Interprofessional Declaration, a statement of dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation. The signed declaration was officially transferred to Dr. Jim Campbell, Director of Health Workforce at the World Health Organization (WHO), and archived by the WHO, symbolizing the formal recognition of this momentous occasion.

Throughout 2023, IU IPE worked tirelessly, broadening its scope and connecting students from diverse disciplines. Our initiatives were not limited to students alone but extended to influencing global dialogues and contributing significantly to international events. These efforts solidify our unwavering commitment to advancing interprofessional education, practice, and collaboration globally, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.